Buying journey: What customers expect from brands in 2022

Buying journey: What customers expect from brands in 2022

Lowering the price is no longer the priority of consumers! At least that’s according to an extensive survey that 3Gem Research conducted for Akeneo.

For this study, Akeneo sought to understand how consumers make their purchasing decisions and what product information they use to make their choices.

The results showed that half of French consumers, male and female, would be willing to pay more for richer product information of “very good” quality, especially for Generation Z (63.3%), who are more demanding than their predecessors.

For more than 60% of Millennials, the main challenge would be to provide a better shopping experience in the face of Generation X, who want more precision on brand values ​​and commitments in product information (50%).

The 3 most important trends of the buying journey in 2022

Omnichannel, the new customer journey

The study also highlights the importance of prioritizing enriched product experiences, including by leveraging multiple sales channels.

Proof : 73% of consumers look to multiple places for more information about the products they are interested in.

Men and women are almost on the same wavelength on this topic (64.6% of the men for 66% of the women surveyed).

The latter also agree with 86% on both sides as far as their practice is concerned ROBOT (Research online, buy offline, i.e. search for products online and complete the purchase in store).

This hybrid purchase path should continue to develop, because almost 70% of French consumers think brands should do more to improve product information and help you with your purchasing decision.

A phygital trend that cannot be reversed, especially as customers expect a consistent experience from brands regardless of the channel used.

Customer experience innovation to strengthen customer loyalty

Environmental responsibility is the topic of the hour. French consumers are concerned about climate issues and want their purchases to reflect their commitment to the planet.

According to the study, 65% of French people want brand certifications and labels in product sheets, closely followed by Product sustainability and respect for the environment at 62.5%.

Another concern: 60.5% of consumers would prefer it Buy local or Made in France.

Green values ​​that brands must clearly share in order to gain the trust of their customers. Especially since one in two French people would be willing to pay more for a richer experience that conveys brand values.

On the other hand, more and more French consumers want to have access to new technologies during their shopping journey.

More than 7 out of 10 French would like to see technologies such as virtual reality and mobile applications.

The use of virtual reality tools, in particular the 360° view, would also allow to avoid product returns due to information errors in their product sheet.

Namely that 7 out of 10 users tend to become loyal customers if their shopping experience has lived up to their expectations, regardless of generations..

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