Email Sending: When is the Best Time to Send Your Campaigns?

Email Sending: When is the Best Time to Send Your Campaigns?

How does the timing of an email campaign affect its success? The answer is simple: it matters.

When the timing is right, it’s possible to significantly increase open and click-through rates, ultimately increasing your contact engagement and maximizing your sales opportunities.

Conversely, the effort of that campaign is wasted if it’s sent out at a time of day when recipients are focused on something else.

But before you start thinking about the best time to send out a campaign, it’s imperative to make sure you have the basic best practices in place, be it in terms of technical configuration, content, or even audience.

For example, ask yourself the following questions:

Have you authenticated your domain name to maximize your chances of reaching your inbox? Have you written an email subject that catches the attention of your recipients? Have you added calls to action that are engaging enough to get your readers to take action? Have you cleaned up your contact lists and included an unsubscribe link in your marketing emails?

Many companies do not yet take all of these essential considerations into account when implementing an email campaign.

It is also crucial to fully understand the characteristics of your target audience in order to be able to implement segmentation and personalization measures, thus making your communication as targeted and individual as possible. Then there is the question of the best time to hit the “send” button.

Let’s go through some tips together to make the best choice in terms of shipping day and time.

What’s the best day of the week?

It is assumed that the actions carried out in the middle of the week Tuesday to Thursdaygenerally have the highest open rates.

This mid-week also probably offers the best click-through rates.

Conversely, Sunday is the worst day to send email campaigns, followed by Saturday and Monday.

Why ? Simply because people check their email more frequently during their work week than on weekends, when many are consciously careful not to check their inboxes.

Also, most people are more active in the middle of the week than on Friday just before the weekend or on Monday when a new work week begins.

What is the best time of day?

According to a recent study1check french users preferably her personal e-mails in the morning and in the eveningalthough it’s true that they check their inboxes throughout the day.

However, what applies in France may differ from country to country, which can pose an additional challenge for professionals addressing an international audience.

However, by scheduling all shipments in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), it becomes easier to take into account the time difference between each region and schedule shipments accordingly.

According to a study on the best time to send email, 15:00 UTC is the ideal time to get the most engagement for an international campaign, whatever day you choose.

These few practical tips can help you time campaigns to send out and improve their results.

However, it remains imperative to keep an eye on your own stats and user feedback to continually refine your email strategy as you send it and make significant progress through subtle adjustments over time.

The best way to optimize your performance is to closely study the evolution of user habits and needs in order to adjust the tactics employed accordingly. Because you’ll understand, sending “blind” is never a winning strategy…

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