How to make money as a freelancer

How to make money as a freelancer

Nowadays, if you want to start your own business, it is not very complicated to achieve this ambition.

If you have a great business idea, there are services like Wix that give aspiring entrepreneurs all the tools they need to know how to create an online store : Logo design, website design and other keys to start your business.

The main thing is to be well prepared and most importantly not to rush to get all the assets on your side…

Take your time so as not to waste time

Sometimes the best way to find or change a job is to get it.

While it’s not always easy, there are many benefits to being your own boss, managing your time, stepping out of the routine and living a more fulfilling life.

And even if you already know what you want to do, it’s best to prepare well before you embark on the adventure.

Once found the business of your dreams, first create a list of properties required for the job. This shows which ones you already have and which ones you need to update in order to upgrade.

Analyze the field of activity you want to work in, check if it is sufficiently profitable, look at what the competition is doing and make sure the market is not at half-mast, these are all details you need to know before you start. .

Finally, it may be necessary to undergo training if you find deficiencies.

They are numerous and sometimes funded and help to improve skills in the chosen activity or to develop knowledge of management or communication.

Choose the right status and explain yourself

There was a time when there was no other status in the world of work than that of employee or manager, with all the associated burdens and duties on one side or the other.

In 2022 this will no longer be the case. Opportunities for self-employment have multiplied.

It is no longer mandatory to set up a company with shareholders, to have capital or to hire a lawyer to draw up the articles of association.

Independent work has developed so far that today there are several statutes for its practice. It all depends on the field of activity and the services offered.

On the other hand, it is essential and mandatory to decide on an administrative status before starting your activity.

Depending on which company you have chosen, you have several options: one-man business that we create in a few clicks and that costs nothing, but also wage portage if you want to keep some semblance of security, job placement exams if the chosen activity is local, the Maison des Artistes or the Agessa if moving towards a more creative one or artistic business.

Whether working part-time or truly full-time, official registration is essential not only to avoid being prosecuted for illegal work, but also to clients, companies and individuals who ask you to issue invoices or need receipts for their taxes.

Start by putting all assets on your side

One last thing to do before starting your business: prepare your communication tools to woo your customers.

Whether the destination is a neighborhood, a city, or the rest of the world, communication is fundamental.

Ideally, you’ve already started building a network of potential customers before you even get started. It’s a great way to make initial contacts and deals, and it’s a good start for word of mouth.

Without an already established network, it is necessary to rely on communication tools to make yourself known.

Business cards, paper brochure, website, registration on relevant social networks, etc.

The main thing is to find the most appropriate way to communicate about your activity, to introduce yourself, to offer your services, to highlight your client testimonials if you already have them and to browse the specialized websites to officially register as a self-employed person .

Some activities need to radiate more than others, especially in the digital fieldan industry that is growing and is increasingly demanding self-employed people for regular jobs.

Registering on specialized job boards and professional networks like LinkedIn is a very good way to find contracts.

Of many specific platforms are also available to the various trades that now exist in the network: project managers, developers, web editors, graphic designers, web designers, webmasters, community managers, illustrators, etc. The list is long.

New features are created every year to meet the demands of this increasingly digital world in our lives.

Many doors open for those who want to get away from it all or dream of changing their activity to live from their passion.

Everything is possible. All you have to do is give yourself the means, not be afraid to go ahead and develop the qualities that make a good self-employed person: determination and organizational skills, rigor and flexibility, passion and creativity, self-confidence and above all, patience..

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