Influencers, the new stars of the Croisette…

Influencers, the new stars of the Croisette...

TikTok, partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Instagram, which rents a huge villa at Pierre Cardin for 300 influencers…

Social networks have brought their influencer stars to the Croisette en masse…

Brands are rolling out the red carpet for influencers

Web giants and brands compete to grab all the attention.

Since the festival opened on May 17, the stars of the big screen are no longer the only ones parading the red carpet, although selfies are still not allowed.

This year, the event also welcomes influencers who attract millions of fans with their communities.

Social networks and media were more than enthusiastic about the presence of these newcomers 8,73,000 mentions worldwide in this stadium…

According to the first elements circulating on social networks, the presence of influencers at the Cannes Film Festival is also making a lot of noise in France and especially on Twitter, where among the privileged keywords we find: “Blogger Award“, “Lena Mahfouf“, or “best influencer“.

Influencers are also entitled to their prize

Influencers are therefore omnipresent today and have had their own awards ceremony at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival for the last 2 years: the World Influencers and Bloggers Awardswhich recognizes the best bloggers around the world for their most significant influence and greatest achievements.

The most coveted prize is of course: the most influential blogger of the year.

This year it was won by the most popular cat on social networks, Stepan!

This cat, staged on Instagram before the war in Ukraine, became very famous after fleeing her country to the French Riviera with her owner.

There has also been a lot of talk about this nomination on social networks and we find the cat among the most used emojis.

The new star actors of the brands

Influencers have therefore become indispensable “players” for brands over the years.

Indeed, according to Meltwater64% of B2C companies are using or planning to use influencer marketing, twice as many as any other type of marketingand 58% of them are using influencer marketing or planning to do so in 2022.

Influencers therefore tend to become the new stars of the most prestigious events, allowing to reach all generations, all genders, all races and all nationalities and on all continents, speaking different languages ​​and representing different backgrounds and professions. .

The presence of influencers is therefore important both for the organizers and strategically rejuvenate the festival and continue to make it a must-attend annual event, but also for brands that are always looking for more visibility, especially among the younger generations.

After all, the marketing teams of the different brands strive for it work much more broadly and diversely with influencersthrough campaigns promoting inclusion and diversity, a trend that is gaining traction.

As Khaby Lame lively Italian-Senegalese (136 million subscribers on TikTok, 76 million on Instagram), brand ambassador boss Where Just Riyadh (4.3 million subscribers on Instagram, 5.9 million on TikTok), whose quirky videos speak as much about spending power as they do about love and Islam.

This year, therefore, content creators have become brand guests to attract new audiences and highlight brands during this major festival.

They have become just as influential as the actors themselves! Marketing and communication strategies can no longer do without them…



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